When to replace your Insulated Jacket

Even though we might love our trusty old insulated jacket, there comes a time when we have to come to terms with the fact that it isn’t going to last forever. As difficult as it is to let go of those times that it has wrapped you in a cosy cocoon of warmth, making you feel safe on a weather beaten mountain and at home whilst getting lost in a wintery cityscape, there will come a time when it will let you down and leave you, at best, feeling chillier than what is comfortable. It is about this point when we start to get excited about the prospects of investment but it’s important to consider the options: revive (if possible), repair or replace.

When To Wash Your Insulated Jacket

If your jacket just isn’t feeling as warm as it used to but it isn’t visibly torn or damaged in any way it might just need a little TLC. The oils our body gives off along with everyday dirt and grime can collect on the fabric and work their way inside to start dampening down the insulation, whether down or synthetic. This affects their ability to loft and thus trap air to keep you warm, by washing and drying your insulated jacket correctly every now and then you can remove the dirt and grime, giving your insulation a new lease of life and saving yourself some pennies in the meantime.

When To Repair Your Insulated Jacket

If there is a feature on your jacket that starts to fail, be it a zip, a hook and loop tab or a drawcord adjustment, or even a small tear in the fabric, chances are it can be fixed. Most features can be easily be repaired by the manufacturers themselves or a local alterations business, usually finished to a very high standard, alternatively if you are familiar with the sewing machine and are confident enough you might be happy to go DIY. It would be a real shame to let a warm and toasty, reliable jacket go to waste because of something that can be easily sorted.

When To Replace Your Insulated Jacket

The time has come to replace your jacket when, even after a little tender loving care, it just doesn’t keep you warm anymore. After a while the synthetic fibres and down in insulated jackets lose their lofting ability and thus their insulation power. The rate at which this happens depends on frequency of use and how well it’s been looked after.


When looking to buy a new insulated jacket, try not to get too overwhelmed by the number of options available. Key questions to ask yourself are: How warm does it need to be? How packable does it need to be? What conditions am I likely to find myself in?


It is worth noting that if you simply want to replace your old jacket with the exact same model, be aware that the fit and some of the features may have changed slightly, afterall, a significant amount of time will have passed since you bought your old one. There will also be a host of new technologies available that might be more suited to what you need, so keep an open mind and check out some of the latest insulation innovations as well as how to choose an insulated jacket in our handy buying guide.