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Boot Care Guide

Boots don’t require much maintenance and our excellent range will stand up to some pretty demanding conditions. However, a little attention once in a while and use of the right footwear care products will keep them performing for longer. Follow these simple steps and get the most out of your boot.


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Top Tips For Looking After Your Boots

1. Scrub Clean


After a trip, take a moment to wash off any mud and grit you have lovingly accumulated with warm water and a semi-stiff brush. Avoid detergents

2. Treat With Proofer


Use Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof or a suitable substitute to treat your boots..

3. Avoid Softening Uppers


To avoid your boots losing their shape, do not soften your leather uppers too much while washing.

4. Absorb All Moisture


If your boots get really wet, stuff them with newspaper or use Absorba Balls to help draw out moisture and prevent odour.

5. Dry Carefully


DO NOT place your boots next to a direct heat source as the upper can crack. Allow them to dry naturally in a warm room or outdoors.

6. Check For Wear


Occasionally check your soles for signs of wear. If you notice you are losing grip, you may want to have the sole replaced. Consider investing in a new pair of boots if the uppers are damaged too..

Helpful Shoe Symbols

When purchasing footwear you may find that some of our shoes have a label with symbols on to explain their materials and composition, detailing the breakdown of the construction of your shoe.


These symbols are shown below.