Cold Weather Must Haves

When the temperature takes a frosty fall, its time to make those all important cold weather ‘go to’ kit checks. It can make all the difference to your comfort and enjoyment outdoors if you have all the essentials at your fingertips to keep you warm and fuelled up throughout the winter.


We have the ultimate selection of cold weather clothing and accessories from hand and foot warmers to hats, gloves, socks, base layers, insulated vests and thermal mugs and flasks. Take a look through our list of ‘must haves’ to top up your cold weather kit.


Insulate your head and reduce exposure to cold temperatures, stay warm and keep smiling in a cosy hat or beanie.


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Keep your fingers toasty and warm and stop the draughts travelling up your sleeves with a pair of thick winter gloves.


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Warm, comfy and durable socks will keep your feet dry and protected, essential to ensuring blister free feet for the day ahead.


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Vests provide core insulation that’s vital for keeping the rest of your body warm, the sleeveless design also allows greater freedom for active days outdoors.


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Base Layers

The wicking and quick drying qualities of a base layer will contribute to your warmth and cosiness on a cold winter’s day outdoors.


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Hand & Foot Warmers

For a little extra comfort or even just emergencies hand and feet warmers are an excellent option for thawing out the frozen fingers and toes of the winter wanderer.


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A classic lightweight fleece is an essential insulator that layers easily and keeps you warm throughout winter days.


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Mugs & Flasks

It’s important to stay fuelled at all times, warm yourself up from the inside by keeping your food and drink warm and ready for consumption.


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